Woodubend Decorative Pair WUB1239 24.5x26.5cm – Country Roads Crafts NC
Woodubend Decorative Pair WUB1239 24.5x26.5cm Woodubend

Woodubend Decorative Pair WUB1239 24.5x26.5cm

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WoodUbend is a revolutionary and unique type of decorative moulding. It has all the properties of wood, and can be drilled, sanded, glued, painted, stained, varnished, or distressed and, additionally, can be bent as desired when heated up with a blow dryer or heat gun. Attach with wood glue.

Woodubend MUST be heated before being used. Trim comes in a roll. You can heat the with a hair dryer or heat gun. When it is heated properly it becomes moldable, it is not its not warm enough. You can apply the Woodubend with wood glue or E-600 depending the media you are using it on. Once applied to the piece, heat it again and push it down to mould it perfectly to your piece. If you break your woodubend before applying, no worries it is repairable! Attach one portion to your piece, and apply glue to your broken piece. Attach your broken piece, then heat both pieces on the project at the breakage point and press together. You will not even notice the repair! If you have questions on applying your Woodubend please message us and we will be happy to assist!