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Create your own signs and gifts with this fantastic On Trend Design Collection! These were a game changer for us. We fell in love with stenciling when we realized how much better our creations looked when we had the right supplies. These stencils made all of the difference in the world!

Magnolia Stencils are screened making sure the perfect amount of paint releases to your canvas and REUSABLE!

Using chalk paste, you will find them easy and efficient - no more bleeding under the design and sloppy looking pieces. So make sure to grab a few colors of the paste (or ink for fabric) while you are here.

We invite you to join our team at Magnolia Design Co. so you can buy them at deep discounts and sell them too. Just ask us! We love talking about this fun stuff. More about that here:

Using a Magnolia Design Stencil is as easy! Pick your surface and stencil, apply your ink or Paste, and peel away stencil. Use Magnolia Chalk Pastes or try Redesign Chalk Pastes

Want to use these designs on clothes and fabric? Use Magnolia Inks and heat set.